Hello! I am Azal Amer. I work as a Science and STEM Tutor and Intern. I have passion for detailed and analytical work, with a hands on teaching style.

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Special Skills

Web Design

With years of web design work on my shoulders, I have developed an efficient workflow allowing me to make clean websites, with top to bottom work. I've mastered a variety of tools and libraries so that I can use the best tools to make the best website for a given area.

STEM Intern

Advanced STEM programs at my school have provided me with helpful experience in a lab setting. My diverse programing background, combined with personal projects, has given me nuanced and elaborate Data Analysis skills. I work very well in a team setting, and can provide innovative solutions to complex problems.  

Student Tutor

As a current High School Junior, I have the ability to tutor students on a variety of different subjects in a comprehensive and nuanced manner. My fields of expertise include STEM. I use a project based teaching style to encourage my students to use their creativity to push their work forward.